June 7th King Salmon Fishing

June 8, 2012

FINALLY!!!! We have been waiting (not so patiently) for the King Salmon to start showing up with more numbers and today was the first day that I have seen it. We’ve caught a few here and there up until now, but today was a fabulous fishing day and it was a big relief to catch a few.

On the morning trip today we caught 2 nice kings (in the 15-20 pound range) and saw several other caught including the boat in front of us hooking up 3 at once and getting all of them in the boat! (way to go Clay!)

On the afternoon trip today we went back over to where the fish were this morning and although it started a little slow (with one small King salmon in the first hour or so), it really picked up as we got closer to high tide. We hit a double on beautiful twin 19 pound Kings and then a little later hit a triple (with 3 people, all 3 rods had big kings on at the same time) and were fortunate enough to get then all in the boat. We ended up with 8 Kings total in the 2 trips and it was just a really fun day. Here is a end of the day results photo:

Ketchikan King Salmon Fishing

8 Beautiful King Salmon

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