Halibut Fishing

Halibut fishing in Ketchikan can be really good and we usually can find them within 10-20 miles of town, making them accessible even to our cruise-ship clients. Fishing for halibut, ling-cod and other bottom-dwellers has long been a favorite pass-time of the locals and we enjoy the opportunity to show our clients the same good time.

Halibut lay flat on the bottom of the ocean often in the sand or gravel and are what we call ambush predators which means they will often lay in wait for something to swim within range before they attack. These awesome fish will usually hold in the same areas from year to year so we guard our secret halibut locations closely and enjoy pulling fish out of the same spots over and over again.

Ketchikan Alaska Halibut

A nice Ketchikan Alaska Halibut

On our halibut trips you can expect to run between 45 minutes and 1 hour to get to the fishing grounds and we usually fish between 150-300 feet deep. You will be holding your rod the entire time and the most productive method of halibut fishing is to frequently jig your rod up and down which will give your bait movement on the bottom and can elicit a strike.

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