Full Day Trip

Halibut and Salmon fishing in Ketchikan Alaska

Our all day trip is 10+ hours dock to dock and we generally want to meet at the boat at 6am. We will go to the very best places that we can get to in a single day and try our hardest to catch both salmon and bottom-fish (Halibut, rock-fish and ling-cod are options). This trip is really fun because we can fish areas that don’t get hit very often so the fishing is better than most people have experienced.

Since this is a full day trip, we provide lunch (and dinner, if applicable), along with snacks and beverages to make sure you have all the energy you will need to fight lots and lots of fish.

We leave the trip largely up to what your group wants to target. Options include:

Salmon, Halibut, Ling-Cod, Red-Snapper (Yellow Eye Rockfish) and Misc. Rockfish. We can set crab-pots for Dungeness crab but it will take approximately 2 hours of your trip between the time it takes to set and retrieve the gear.

Full Day trip: $400 per person ($1600 minimum)


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