2014 Winter Fishing

March 13, 2014

We’ve had a great time trying to catch Kings, Halibut and Crab this off-season. Here are some of the highlights in photos:

Ketchikan King Salmon Fishing This awesome winter King was caught in February, just outside of Ketchikan


Ketchikan King Salmon Fishing Unfortunately, most of the winter Kings I have caught have been too small (like this one) and we had to release them back to the wild.


Ketchikan King Salmon Fishing My son Ian with his very own winter King (this was released shortly after the photo op)


Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Captain Clayton couldn’t remember that we were fishing for King Salmon this day


Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Or this day…….


ketchikansalmonfishing.com We had mild success attempting to catch Tanner crabs this winter


ketchikansalmonfishing.com A nice Tanner crab and a nice Dungeness!


ketchikan salmon fishing You have to love to fish to go out in the winter here, we had to break the ice to get out of the harbor this morning


Were looking forward to another great season this summer catching halibut, salmon and crabs in Ketchikan!

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