Ketchikan Alaska

“Alaska’s First City”, “The Salmon Capital of the World”, “The Rock”,  and “The Gateway City” are just a few of the nicknames given to Ketchikan Alaska, our beautiful city. We are landlocked on this island, which means that the only ways to get here are by boat, plane or birth-canal. Our Island is officially called Revillagigedo Island and is 50×35 miles making it the 12th largest island in the United States. Our current population is right at 14,000 which makes us the 4th largest city in Alaska!

Traveling to Ketchikan

Their are two main ways to get to Ketchikan from the “lower-48”, you can fly on Alaska-Airlines from Seattle or you can take the Alaska Marine Highway (our state ferry system) and either leave from Bellingham Washington or you can drive through Canada and hop the ferry in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. We are roughly 500 miles from Seattle so the flight takes just over an hour where-as the ferry from Bellingham will take you approximately 2 days to arrive. The nice thing about the ferry ride from Bellingham is that you get to travel through some of the most beautiful country in the United States where sightings of Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Seals, Sea Lions along with Bald Eagles are frequently spotted.

Many people who travel to Ketchikan for the first time by airplane are surprised to get off the plane and realize that they are not even on the same island as Ketchikan! As I mentioned before, the City of Ketchikan is on Revillagigedo island. What some folks dont know is that our airport is on Gravina Island and you have to take a short ferry ride to get to Ketchikan proper. This is because the islands in Southeast Alaska have lots of mountains and relatively little flat land to build on. In Ketchikan, most of the prime flat land was already used when it came time to build and airport and the closest option was to put it on the adjoining Gravina Island site. For those of you thinking that this is rugged: for many years the only airport was on an island even further away called Annette Island and after you landed on Annette Island, you would get in a Grumman Goose airplane and after taking off on the runway, land on the water in Ketchikan!


Staying in Ketchikan

For our guests that fly in to come fishing with us for multiple days, we always suggest staying at a local bed and breakfast, and by far the best way to find one is to talk to Mary Bolshakoff at Alaska Travelers Accomodations. Mary is a wonderful local woman who knows all about our town and has a large list of B&B’s that she works with. When you call her she will be able to listen to what you want and put you in the perfect rental for your time in Ketchikan.

Contact Mary at 1-800-928-3308 or visit her website at

Fishing in Ketchikan

One of the best things about Ketchikan Alaska is all the fishing opportunities that we have here with our abundand Halibut, Ling Cod, Red Snapper along with King, Silver, and Pink Salmon. If you are ready to try your hand at fishing, please contact us now and we can help you realize your Alaskan fishing dreams!