Sockeye Salmon

The Sockeye Salmon (Red, Oncorhynchus Nerka)

For those of us sport fishing in Ketchikan Alaska, catching a Sockeye is a rare and exciting experience. Most avid fishermen will see a small handful of these beautiful fish each season and every time it is a thrill. The Sockeye Salmon is considered by many to be the best tasting Salmon in Alaska and although they are generally small (4-7 pounds), they are extremely tasty. Anyone who scores by catching one of these beauties in our area should consider themselves extremely lucky.


2011 Update: With almost 100 days on the water in 2011, we caught a grand total of 2 Sockeye. The interesting thing was that the same group caught them both and they caught them several days apart and about 50 miles away from each other. As always with Sockeye around here, it is the LUCK OF THE DRAW!!!