Chum Salmon

The Chum Salmon (Dog, Calico, Oncorhynchus Keta)

Occasionally when trolling we will catch a fish that just refuses to come to the surface and is obviously very powerful, often, this is a Chum Salmon. This is not a fish that we target, but when we get lucky enough to catch one they are a lot of fun! Although the Chum Salmon is around Ketchikan for most of the summer, the peak season is in July and August. These fish have very obvious markings and as they get close to spawning they will transform drastically with very loud colors. They average around 7-12 pounds with a trophy fish being 20+ pounds.

ketchikan salmon fishing

A Nice Ketchikan Chum


2011 was a interesting year for salmon fishing in Ketchikan because we had a really large run of 5-7 pound bright chums that lasted for weeks on end. We were able to fish in one area where the chums were all between 15-35 feet deep and if the silvers were all between 45-75 feet deep, so you could almost predict what you would catch according to how deep you were fishing. We had many days of limits of both and it was alot of fun.


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