2012 King Salmon Derby Fishing

June 4, 2012

This year my family and I have been fishing the derby as much as we can with varying levels of success. Just to help people see what King Salmon fishing can be like here I wanted to give a quick rundown of how many hours we have fished each day and how many fish we have caught.

Night 1: Fished for 4 hours – Caught 0 fish

Day 2: Fished for 10 hours – Caught 1 fish (17 pounds)

Day 3: Fished for 12 hours – Caught 0 fish

Day 4: Fished for 8 hours – Caught 3 Kings/Lost 2 more (10 pounds, 15 pounds, 22 pounds)

Day 5: Fished for 4 hours – Caught 2 Kings/Lost 3 more (12 pounds, 24 pounds)

As you can see, there is very little rhyme or reason to how many hours you must fish to catch a King, sometimes you work hard all day and do everything correct and just dont find them. Some days you drop your bait in the water right in front of them and cant seem to do anything wrong – THATS FISHING!!!! Just because your fishing in Alaska doesn’t mean that its not fishing anymore, some days are GREAT and some days STINK!!! All you can do is keep trying.

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